Reflexology and Pain Solutions

About Julie Reyburn

Welcome to the beginning of better health!

Certified Reflexologist and Pain Solution Therapist

I’m Julie Reyburn and I spent 25 years of my life dealing with chronic back pain before finding relief through alternative health modalities. After trying dozens of ways to reduce pain, including three back surgeries I was led to Myofascial Release which is a manual skin to skin therapy that releases restrictions in the fascia system.

I was so profoundly cured of pain that I decided to enroll in reflexology school  which has led me to getting certified in feet and hand reflexology and completion in five John Barnes Method Myofascial Release courses.

I am privileged to practice reflexology on many people plus being able to help my friends and family with pain issues through MFR.

Today, I practice reflexology in Georgia and in Indianapolis  weeks out of each year.


Heal Center Sandy Springs, Georgia

Feet Reflexology Certification - 2015

Hand Reflexology Certification – 2015

Facial Reflexology Certification- 2016


John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach


MFR 1- November 2015 - Destin, Florida

MFR 2- March 2016 - Sedona, Arizona

MFR Unwinding - March 2016 - Sedona, Arizona

MFR Fascial Pelvis - March 2015- Atlanta, Georgia

MFR Healing Seminar - November 2014- Sedona, Arizona